Definition of Urbex/Urban Exploration

This introduction was written by Tim Knifton

Urbex or Urban exploration (shortened to ‘UE’) is the examination and photography of normally unseen and off-limits parts of urban areas – derelict, decaying and inactive sites.

An urbex motto used by the masses is “Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints”.  There are many people who have different intentions than urban exploration, namely theft and vandalism but the dedicated urbexers only intent is to take photographs, document history and capture the beauty held within an explore’s walls. Especially those sites that have a “just left” quality about them such as sprawling mansions, factories and sanatoriums to name just a few places.

There are many forums out there that talk about the subject of urban exploration and the appreciation of profound beauty within an explore. These are good places to show your own work, admire others, to make friends and future contacts. There are many photographers out there with extreme talent in capturing buildings. These are not sites that will recommend exploring, show access points or give you directions or reveal locations. Google is your friend!

‘Music of the past’