An Introduction to Urbex – Dan Marbaix

Aug 11, 12 An Introduction to Urbex – Dan Marbaix

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Seeing as jimmy has been kind enough to ask me to be a regular contributor to this fine online publication, I shall start by introducing myself. My name is Dan and I’m a 32 year old photographer from London. I take mainly travel and urban exploration photos. I started to take photography seriously when I was travelling a lot...

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Trey Ratcliff – Life In New Zealand

Aug 04, 12 Trey Ratcliff – Life In New Zealand

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I was asked to share something a bit personal for this piece, so I suppose that the newest chapter in my life would be pertinent.  I’ve recently moved to New Zealand with my family and moved into a house in the middle of a valley that looks at mountains in every direction.  I have taken over the 2-bedroom cottage next to...

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HDR as an art form

Aug 01, 12 HDR as an art form

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Article by Jimmy McIntyre When photography was invented artists thought that it would bring ruin to art but it is shown that photography has been an ally of art, an educator of taste more powerful than a hundred academies of Design would have been… . “Photography and Chromo-lithography,” 1868 The reaction of...

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