Want to take better photos? Composition is key!

May 30, 13 Want to take better photos? Composition is key!

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Article by Ben Fewtrell HDR is a great way to process an image, but it won’t fix a badly taken photo, there are some rules to capturing an image that is appealing to the eye, and whilst we’re talking rules, I would say the only rule in photography is that there are no rules! Instead, for the purpose of this article, we’ll call...

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Controlling Contrast

Mar 03, 13 Controlling Contrast

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Article by Ben Fewtrell Controlling your contrast is not just for HDR, you will want to control contrast on any image. Adding contrast will help you to create depth in your image. Before we look at how to do this, what is contrast and what happens to your pixels to create contrast in a digital image? The word ‘Contrast’ is used...

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Topaz Adjust

Jan 13, 13 Topaz Adjust

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Article by Ben Fewtrell If I could only have one plugin… what would it be? I have decided that I am no longer going to call what I do just ‘HDR’, instead, I am going to call it ‘HDR plus’, as I ALWAYS spend more time post processing after the initial HDR is created than I do creating the actual HDR image… So...

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Hydra Pro 3.1 Review

Dec 03, 12 Hydra Pro 3.1 Review

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Hydra Pro is an HDR processing software available for download from the App Store for Mac. HDR is fast becoming a very popular way of processing photos so it is understandable that software companies would want to jump onto this growing market. There are a quite a few HDR software applications competing in this market, does Hydra...

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Photography in China – Kung Fu, Dim Sums and HDR

Oct 17, 12 Photography in China – Kung Fu, Dim Sums and HDR

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China had never really been on my ‘must see’ list of places to visit, however, after visiting Beijing, all I want to do is go back. As a photographer there is so much to capture in China that you could easily spend a month there and still have more to see. I guess it depends what part of the world you come from, but for me, as...

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