Sony Nex and HDR

Jun 04, 13 Sony Nex and HDR

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Article by Andrew Steel I’ve been shooting with the Sony Nex-7 for what must be coming up to a year and thought it time to share my thoughts on this little package, although not as a general review as there are a plethora of those around. This is more of a personal view and also how this camera performs with my lens choice for...

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Discussion about the use of HDR Photography

Apr 07, 13 Discussion about the use of HDR Photography

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Article by Andrew Steel This is a bit of a ramble and some follow up thoughts from last month’s input to HDR One. I love what HDR can do and have been using this technique for the last 5 years on and off. For the first 4 years I kind of had this...

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Advanced 32 bit HDR tutorial – Return to the Hammer House

Article by Andrew Steel For me one of the best things about HDR and especially 32bit HDR processed images is the huge scale of lighting that can be captured whilst still retaining crisp well defined features. Nowhere is this truer than when shooting inside dimly lit buildings where the main light source is the daylight pouring in...

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Software – What do You need?

Dec 02, 12 Software – What do You need?

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“What software do I need?” That was a question I was asked the other day after going through a tutorial of several different methods that I use for generating images. The first was a simple blend in Photomatix and then finished off in Lightroom. The next was how to create a 32 bit tif in Photoshop and then use Lightroom to bring...

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Photoshop 32 bit HDR editing – The Crypt

Oct 15, 12 Photoshop 32 bit HDR editing – The Crypt

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In the last article I covered general things that I do when photographing churches and cathedrals, and how easy it is because generally I am just trying to portray the beauty that is already there. This time were going down into the depths of the crypt at Gloucester cathedral and what I am looking to do here is convey a feeling of...

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