About HDR One

HDR One is the result of a community’s commitment and passion for one of the most exciting forms of photography today, High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Throughout the week high quality HDR articles around the development, practice, improvement, and joy of HDR photography will be published, and top quality HDR photos will be added to its gallery.

Its contributors are members of the HDR community whose enthusiasm for HDR knows no bounds. HDR One is also an open forum. Anyone can submit their work for consideration.

Breaking from the traditional magazine format, HDR One takes advantage of the digital age. The magazine is fully interactive and comments are always welcome.

The magazine also has an interactive Q&A section where members of the community help each other – HDR Forum.

What HDR One is not

This will never become a spammy sales magazine. There will never be sales pop-ups, there will never be paid guest posts, and there will never be partial reviews. We will accept sponsorship from reputable companies in photography in the future to help with the costs of running the magazine. However, sponsorship will never conflict with the integrity of the magazine.


Magazine Editor – Jimmy McIntyre

Jimmy McIntyre is a full-time traveller, HDR photographer and language learner. Having been on the road for a number of years now, he is technically homeless. His journey for the next 2.5 years will take him far and wide. At the end of it he expects to be a pillar of wisdom, fluent in every language in the world, and slightly more bald – unfortunately .

Read more about his journey on his daily HDR Travel Blog and subscribe to his updates on facebook – Jimmy McIntyre.


Regular Contributor – Andrew Steel

I have been shooting DSLR for the last 4 years using Canons, early this year I moved on to the Sony NEX-5, I am convinced that for my type of photography the CSC’s are the right way to go so in the last month I have upgraded to the NEX-7 with a Rokinon 8mm fisheye. Every shoot now is with the intention of processing in HDR except for some night time photography when it is just not possible to get enough light on the sensor.

My online stuff can be found:



Regular Contributor – Ben Fewtrell

Ben Fewtrell is based in Sydney, Australia and has been a keen photographer since the 1990’s. He fell in love with HDR in early 2012 and now processes 95% of his images this way. His main interest is landscape photography and most mornings you will find Ben with his Nikon D800 on the coast of Sydney waiting for the sun to rise… you can find him at www.facebook.com/on3legs or follow his blog www.on3legs.com


Regular Contributor & Social Media Manager – Bill Fritz

Age: 23
Location: Connecticut, USA
Profession: Wedding/Landscape Photography

At the age of 15, Bill started his career as a photographer with his Grandfather who owned his own Wedding and Event photography business called Video Affair (founded in 1982). Now, almost ten years later, Bill still works with his grandfather and runs his own business Fritz Photography.

Bill is well known for his unique style and his advanced HDR techniques. If he is not shooting HDR photography, he is teaching it to the thousands of followers he has acquired throughout the years.




Regular Contributor – Chris Smith

“My name is Chris Smith. Physics teacher by day, photographer by night, and the owner of OutOfChicago.com. I love to shoot the city of Chicago, teach photography, and help other photographers shoot HDR and the city at Out Of Chicago. HDR and Chicago are a perfect mix and the group of HDR photographers in Chicago is as talented as any in the world.

Follow me on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and OutOfChicago.com. If you’re in Chicago, email me at Chris@OutOfChicago.com to get together and shoot some HDR.”


Regular Contributor – Jim Denham

Jim loves all things photography, but the obsession with the medium started with HDR and it continues to be a main tool in his processing belt. Jim’s portfolio consists of images both from his hometown area of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, as well as images from many towns around the US.

website: http://www.jimdenhamphotography.com/

Smugmug Galleries: http://jimdenhamphoto.smugmug.com/


Regular Contributor & Content Manager – Jim Nix

Jim Nix is a photographer, traveler, HDR enthusiast, explorer, iPhone shooter, and tea drinker based in Austin, TX. He shares his photos and travel experiences on his blog at http://www.nomadicpursuits.com/

Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/NomadicPursuits


Regular Contributor – Justin Brown

My initial journey into the world of photography was a high school black and white film class where I learned to use a camera and to develop and print in the darkroom. However, it wasn’t until years later, and after the purchase of my first DSLR, that I became truly passionate about photography.  Based in Southern California I enjoy shooting landscapes and architecture, but I also enjoy traveling and searching for new places to photograph.  My focus is HDR photography where I am constantly searching for new processes and techniques to create the best images possible.  You can find me on flickr as Justin in SD, or on Google+.



Regular Contributor – Wojciech Toman

I’m self-taught landscape and HDR photographer and passionate computer developer from Warsaw, Poland. Since 2010 I join my both great passions while working on Photomatix Pro.