Free 1.7gb Digital Blending HDR Megapack

Following on from the wonderful response I’ve had towards my free HDR tutorials, I’m thrilled to announce the release of a free Digital Blending & HDR Megapack. This 1.7gb download is packed with educational content that can help to polish your digital blending skills and bring your imagery to a whole new level.

What the pack contains

– 2 full workflow videos and RAW files from my beginner’s HDR course

– 1 guide to luminance masks video from my Advanced Digital Blending Course

– 1 full cityscape tutorial from my soon to be released course, called ‘The Art of Cityscape Photography’, in which I teach a new, quick and clean exposure blending technique in Photoshop.

– 2 free tutorials that are also available on my blog: How to remove tourists & Adding more vibrancy to cityscapes

– 1 seascape video workflow + RAW files that I released last week to my facebook subscribers

– All 6 HDR One magazines in pdf format – 450+ pages of amazing HDR content.

And finally, a $10 discount code for my Complete HDR Tutorial

How can you get all of this free content?

Just follow this link to my HDR blog to find out just how easy it is to get all of this HDR goodness – HDR Megapack Link