Future of HDR One

As many of you may have noted, HDR One has been quiet for a while. In truth, the future of our online magazine is very uncertain. Our readership is amazing, and somehow it continues to grow. At last count, our downloadable magazines had received around 5,000 downloads each!

That’s an incredible achievement for a small site. In terms of developing the site and generating new content, things become a bit trickier. We have some amazing writers/photographers but it is often difficult for them to find the time to write a quality article while juggling real life needs and their own blogs, especially considering they, like me, receive no payment for the work.

The magazine, therefore, will not continue to publish new material at the moment. This may change in the near the future. The site will still be here so that you can return to the great free tutorials on here.

What does this mean for the facebook page? We will continue to share your awesome images to help you get more exposure. We will continue to share free tutorials from other sites that we encounter.

What about other resources to learn HDR?

Firstly, I strongly recommend you check our About page to see the list of our great writers and their websites where you will find awesome material.

Finally, each month I will be releasing free video tutorials on digital blending techniques At the moment, this is only available to those who follow my work on facebook. The next video tutorial will be a full workflow of my latest image – Sunset at Cannon beach. If you’re interested, feel free to connect on facebook. , I’ll also be adding to the HDR tutorial section on my Digital Blending blog.

The magazine has been an awesome journey for me personally, but the learning doesn’t stop here. The world of HDR is changing rapidly and we’re lucky to be a part of it. I want to thank all of our readers for visiting this site so frequently, and for every like, share and comment. I hope your photography skills continue to develop and that one day this site is up and running again.

Until then, all the best from HDR One

Jimmy McIntyre