Theatre Varia

Title – Theatre Varia

Photographer name – Alex McMillan

Description of place

An abandoned theatre / cinema. Designed by architect E.Claes and built in 1913and closed in 1986. In 1992 the façade and roof were granted historical monument status. Its been empty ever since.

Technical information 

Camera – Nikon D90

Lens –  Sigma 10 – 20mm

HDR Software – Photomatix 4.something

ISO – 200

Aperture – hmm, 8 I think.

Number of exposures – 4x

Tripod/handheld – Tripod

 Extra processing information:

Processed 4 exposures in photomatix (3 main ones and one where I lit the back of the projector with a torch, as this was very dark) then into cs5 for a bit of noise reduction and sharpening.

 Photographers bio