Magazine Front Cover Feature

We are pleased to bring you one of our newest features that will accompany the new-look downloadable magazine. This will be your chance to tell us which tutorial you want to see, and even get great exosure for your own work.

Each month we will display 15 photos on facebook and google+ that were sent to us by readers. You will then get a chance to tell us which one you’d like to see used as our magazine cover that month. The chosen photographer will then write a tutorial on how that image was made which will be published inside that month’s edition. Within the tutorial the photographer will also be able to share links to your other work or website.

This is a great chance to have your work seen by more than 2,000 people. You will even gain exposure during the voting process because you may include one link to a relevant website which we will add to the description of the photo when we upload it to facebook and google+.

Please note that this isn’t a competition. There are no prizes to speak of. It’s a way for our readers to tell us more about what they want to see on HDR One.

And, what’s more, we will also publish the 5 runners-up in a dedicated section.

Please note that our first cover feature will begin now and will be included in February’s issue of HDR One.

How to take part

We will begin accepting photos by email on the 1st of every month. Email at hdronecover (at)

Around about the 5th of every month, we will upload 15 of those photos to our facebook page and google+ page.

Around about the 15th of every month we will finish the voting and email the chosen photographer.


You must be willing to write a brief tutorial outlining how you created the image.

Images must be 1280px on the short side.

No watermarks.

Exif info must be included when you email your image (ISO, shutter speeds, focal distance, f-stop, lens & camera).

Include your name, website and image title in the initial email as well.

Your images should be JPEGs.

Please note, by choosing to participate you are giving HDR One the right to use your image in the manner specified above. We will not use your work outside of this without permission.