Steveston Sunset

Title – Steveston Sunset

Photographer name – Vick Sahota

Description of place

Steveston is fishing Village located in Richmond British Columbia, Canada. With over 600+ boats at Steveston, it has Canada’s largest fleet of fishing boats. This place is very photogenic (especially during a sunset) and I would highly recommend checking it out if you ever come to B.C.

Technical information 

Camera – Canon T3i

Lens – Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6mm lens

HDR Software – Photomatix 4.2

ISO – 640

Aperture – f/11

Number of exposures – 3 Exposures (-2, 0, 2)

Tripod/handheld – Handheld

 Extra processing information:

The processing that I use on my pictures is a combination from various HDR tutorials around the internet, but the majority of it probably comes from Klaus Herman’s excellent tutorials. I started by imported the 3 three pictures into camera raw where I adjusted the white balance, removed the chromatic aberrations and vignetting and then opened the pictures in Photoshop. When I took these pictures I didn’t have a tripod so they were taken handheld and weren’t exactly aligned and so I used Photoshop to align the pictures. After that I then used Topaz Denoise to remove the noise from all the source photos and then exported each as a tiff. I merged and tonemapped the photo with Photomatix and then exported it as a 16 bit tiff. I then imported it into Photoshop where I masked out the water and sky with the source photos. After that I applied various curves, levels and vibrance adjustment layers with masks. I then used the clone stamp tool and healing brush to remove some spots in the sky and foreground added a slight Gaussian blur and set that layer to overlay and lowered the opacity and it added some nice contrast to the image with a bit of glow. I then used Topaz Adjust to correct the exposure, added some detail and saturation and I finished with my watermark and exported it as a Tiff. Once all the Photoshop work was done, I then imported it into Lightroom where I added a little contrast, reduced the clarity, added some vibrance and then finished off with some sharpening.

 Photographers bio

Surprisingly, I first developed my interest in photography from a video game. In the video game Halo 3, there was an option to take “screenshots” and this is truly what sparked my interest in photography. In 2010 I got an iPhone 4 for Christmas and making it my first “camera”, and for a couple months I took hundreds of pictures with it. Later during the summer of 2011, I got my first legit camera, a Canon T3i which was an amazing improvement from the iPhone 4. Immediately after I got my T3i, I soon became very interested in HDR photography and I have been HDRing all of my pictures ever since.

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