St Saviour’s Church

Title – St Saviour’s Church

Photographer name – Joseph Holland

Description of place

Abandoned Church in the North West UK.

Technical information

Camera – Canon 60d

Lens – Canon 17-40mm 4L @17mm

HDR Software –  Photomatix

ISO – 200

Aperture – 11

Number of exposures – 6 at 2EV spacings

Tripod/handheld –Tripod, Manfrotto 190XPROB leaned against a wall

 Extra processing information:

This is was my first time trying out Magic Lantern, and its auto bracketing feature, which I have to admit, is amazing. I imported to Lightroom, where I applied a Lens Correction profile, and set the white balance and reduced the exposure a little. After processing in Photomatix, I did some dodging and burning in Photoshop, increased contrast and clarity. Finished by reducing saturation and sharpening.

Photographers bio

I been taking photographs with a DSLR for the last few years, I had a full manual film SLR before that which I learnt the basic with. Now I mainly like shooting Urbex sites, landscapes and occasionally BMX, perhaps as all these subjects are a good excuse to go off exploring at the weekends.