Title – “Welcome”

Photographer name – Tim Knifton

Description of place

An abandoned convent in England (somewhere)- 6am and an early start – very dark and moody light made processing difficult.

Technical information

Camera – Canon EOS 5D Mark 2

Lens – Canon 17-40mm F4L

HDR Software –  Photomatix 4.2.1

ISO – 320

Aperture – F11

Number of exposures – 5

Tripod/handheld – Tripod

Extra processing information:

Some dodging and burning involved and a little straightening. Warming filter added in CS5 to give a feeling that it was warmer than it was inside. Was a derelict place but not decayed.

Photographers bio

I have been photographing for many years. My passions are urban exploration, travel and landscape photography. I particularly like using High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, with the majority of my work being captured in this way.

I am a fan of capturing more than the camera can capture in one exposure. The science behind revealing as much as the scene as possible by capturing as much in 3, 5 or 7 brackets appeals to me greatly.

I am a regular on the photography exhibition circuits and am accredited under several photographic bodies including the Royal Photographic Society, Welsh Photographic Federation and Federation Internationale de I’art photographique (FIAP).

Lives: South Wales, United Kingdom

My facebook page: www.facebook.com/TimKniftonPhotography My Flickr profile: www.flickr.com/photos/timster1973