Toowoon Bay Skies

Title – Toowoon Bay Skies

Photographer name – Brad Hedgman

Description of place   

   Toowoon Bay Beach, NSW Australia

I had been capturing the sunrise using a tripod at Toowoon Bay.  Thinking the show was over I packed away the gear & starting to head off. This unusual cloud formation had me reaching back for the camera for a few “roadies” before finally reluctantly leaving.

Technical information

Camera – Canon EOS 60D

Lens –  Tamron 10-24mm

HDR Software – Photomatix, Topaz Adjust

ISO – 100

Aperture – f/10

Number of exposures – 1

Tripod/handheld – handheld

 Extra processing information: Processed single RAW in photomatix using natural+ settimgs, then adjusted exposure in Topaz 5 Adjust.

 Photographers bio

Brad is a hobbyist who was bitten by the photography bug 3 years ago. The HDR bug soon followed.