St Paul’s Cathedral

Title – St Paul’s

Photographer name – Andrew Steel

Description of place

St Pauls Cathedral, Mdina, Malta.

Technical information

Camera – Sony NEX-7

Lens – Rokinon 8mm f2.8

HDR Software – Photomatix

ISO – 400

Aperture – f2.8

Number of exposures – 3 (-0.7, 0, +0.7 )

Tripod/handheld –Handheld

Extra processing information:

Finished in Lightroom white balance, clarity and minor lighting balancing.

Photographers bio

Andrew Steel lives in Leicester, England and has been an ardent photographer for many years, initially with film but switching to digital in 2007. He currently shoots with a Sony NEX-7 which suits his style of photography. Andrew is particularly drawn to architectural photography and the use of perspective to draw the viewer in whilst adding depth to his subject.

Every shot Andrew takes is with the intention of processing in HDR (High Dynamic Range) and taking the photo is just the first element in what is perceived to be the end product; his intention with each image is to convey a feeling rather than just a visual representation. Stage two is spending a few hours in the digital darkroom and transforming that image into something that the eye and the mind sees.