Electric Light

Title – Electric light

Photographer name – Alexey Kljatov

Description of place

This is Tsaritsyno park in Moscow, near to Orekhovo metro station, late evening in january 2012.

Technical information

Camera: Canon Powershot A650is with alternate firmware CHDK (it adds RAW writing, bracketing and many other great features to standard functionality). For this HDR, i do 5 long exposure shots (0, +2, -2, +4 and -4 EV) from tripod, with minimum ISO (80). I processed this with my standard workflow: after RAW converting to .tiff, i do several HDR variations in Photomatix, with different settings and with nearly same overall brightness. I load them all as layers in Photoshop, select one variant as “base”, and on top of it add with masks some parts from other variations, which looks better than base. After that, i do sharpening, noise removing, HiRaLoAm layer (monochrome copy of picture, processed with highpass filter radius 100, blended in soft light mode to picture with small opacity) and finally do minor color correction and contrast adjustment with curves.

Photographers bio
My name is Alexey, i was born and live in Moscow. In past 4 years, i try HDR processing, especially of night long exposure shots, and macro photography (snowflakes and insects). My photos can be found at flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chaoticmind75/