Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand

Title – Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand

Photographer – Ian Rushton


Taken with Nikon D5100 using a Nikkor 18-55 lens at 100 ISO. All were from 3 RAW shots –2,0,+2.

I do my initial HDR rendering in Photomatix. I then open up the 16bit TIFF’s in Photoshop where I do all my ‘enhancement and repair’ work.  After that the resultant JPG is given a final tweak in Adobe Lightroom if and as required.

This shot was taken from the road from Queenstown to a very small township called Glenorchy. Think “Lord Of The Rings” and you’ll get an idea of where I am. This road is considered by some (Trey Ratcliff!) to one of the most beautiful roads in the world.  You get another look at this road, lake and distant snow-capped mountains in shot number 3.   I was very lucky to have some great light that day.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand though I was originally from the UK – MANY many years ago!  While I’ve work mostly in the IT industry (that still pays the bills!) I also spend an equal amount of time as a musician, producer and recording engineer and run a small home-based recording studio called Black Sands Music.

And of course I have a keen interest in photography dating back several decades, originally of course working with film.  I quite happily and easily made the transition to digital photography when it became more common-place and it was not long ago that I stumbled across Trey’s Ratcliff’s work by chance at which time I subsequently fell in love HDR photography!    I have recently started building up my HDR portfolio most of which can be viewed online here at my Smugmug site: