Create a Photography Blog

Do you want to take your HDR photography to the next level?

One of the first steps of many successful HDR photographers is to start your own Photography blog. It’s a place entirely of your own making, where you can share your thoughts, photos, techniques, and develop a real fan base.

Sadly, most people have no idea where to start. Some use a ( or blogspot ( platform but soon realise how limiting that can be.

With the right setup, a beautiful site, and top quality HDR shots, you can not only be on your way to selling your images, you could also attract paid work in other forms.

Where to start?

Firstly, we highly recommend this book on wordpress for photographers by Peter Adams. is the essential platform for almost every blogger out there, including the biggest names in HDR. HDR One’s site is wordpress.

Next you have to decide a URL, and pay for somewhere to host your site. This site uses Bluehost. It’s easily one of the best hosts for setting up wordpress effortlessly, and is one of the most affordable hosts out there. You can get your URL and hosting from Bluehost – click here to find out more.

Once you’ve done that, you need a theme. This is simply what your site is going to look like. WordPress isn’t a theme, it is a base that themes sit upon. In wordpress you write posts and play with your site’s features. Your theme is what the user will see.

There are many free themes out there but few of them have the options photographers need. Some paid themes can cost well into the $100s – and that’s just for one. However, the biggest, and in our opinion, the best theme provider costs only $39. For that you get ALL of their themes, not just one. They’re called elegant themes and if you go down to the very bottom of this page you’ll see that that is exactly who powers HDR One.

In fact, all three links above have been used extensively by us at HDR One, even on our personal blogs. Here’s an example of an Elegant Theme hosted by Bluehost (Jimmy McIntyre’s travel blog).

How can HDR One help?

Once you’ve followed the steps above and started your blog you’ll need exposure. This is easily the most difficult part of establishing yourself. There are so many photographers out there, your site may be drowned out by the noise they’re creating.

HDR One will promote your first three blog posts and facebook page on our social media platforms. This means your work will be exposed to potentially 2,600 HDR fans. Please note, exposing your work to our followers doesn’t guarantee success. It’s up to you to create the quality that people want to see again and again.

We’ll add you to our HDR blogs section.

We’ll aslo feature your work in our downloadable pdf magazine read by over 1000 people.

Finally, we will offer general assistance and occasionally technical advice. We’ve set up literally dozens of blogs so we’ll do our best to help you if you get stuck. We’re not internet wizkids, so we can’t help with anything too technical, but we’ll do what we can.

What’s in it for HDR One?

Financial support. All of the links above are affiliate links. This means that we get paid for any referrals we send to those sites. It doesn’t cost you a penny. For example, Elegant themes is $39 whether you use our link or if you go independently. The only difference is that Elegant Themes will pay us a percentage of your sale.

In order to qualify for HDR One’s Photo Blog support you need to purchase hosting from Bluehost and a theme from elegant themes by clicking on the links in this page only.

If HDR One will make money from this, how do you know if the sites are actually good?

This is an important question. Firstly, as we’ve already mentioned, this site is powered by Elegant themes and hosted by Bluehost. We wouldn’t work with poor service providers to support our entire site if they didn’t have an excellent reputation. Secondly, just about every major hosting provider and themes provider has an affiliate program that we could have chosen and offered you. We chose the ones we trusted the most, and have the most experience with.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Once you’ve followed all the stpes, simply contact us and we’ll arrange the rest.

  • Chris Smith

    This is some great advice here, Jimmy. I wish that I had read this when I was starting my site. I didn’t use the same companies you did or I would jump on this chance.

  • Stuart Dyckhoff

    Can I qualify for the ‘Photo Blog Support’ just by purchasing Elegant themes? I ask because I already have hosting I am more than happy with but would still like to take up this offer.