Removing Photomatix Halo tutorial – Grey Matters

Article by Bill Fritz Tone mapping HDR creates quite a few anomalies such as magnified image noise, ghosting, and the thing I like to call “grey matter”.  What is this grey matter I speak of, where does it come from, and how can we prevent it or fix it? This is a freshly processed HDR using Photomatix Pro.  At a quick glance...

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How To Do HDR – Girolamo

Please note: This tutorial, by Girolamo Cracchiolo, was originally published in French here, and has been translated into English by Jimmy McIntyre The majority of people who email me ask: ‘How do you create such impressive photos?’, “What is HDR?”, “What equipment is needed?” The creation of...

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HDR Tutorial – Danny Xeero

Nov 06, 12 HDR Tutorial – Danny Xeero

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Check out The Art of HDR for more advanced HDR training! HDR is always about Dynamic Range but not saturation. There is 1 thing I feel very unfortunately about: people tend to think that HDRi is about over saturated images. But this is never the case. HDR (tonemapping) has always been, just a tool to produce a better Dynamic Range...

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Understanding the Adjustment Sliders in Photomatix Pro

Sep 17, 12 Understanding the Adjustment Sliders in Photomatix Pro

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Photomatix is at the core most people’s HDR processing but it comes with a bit of a learning curve. There are so many adjustment sliders available that wrapping your mind around them all can be somewhat intimidating. Adding to the confusion is their tendency to interact with each other in sometimes unpredictable ways. Most of...

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