An Introduction to Luminance/Luminosity Masks in Digital Blending

Article by Jimmy McIntyre Introduction to luminance/luminosity masks Luminance masks, otherwise known as luminosity masks, is a buzz term around the HDR community right now. A great number of photographers have mastered the use of luminance masks (LMs) as a way to ween themselves off their dependence on HDR software and give...

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A Couple of Basics – Gaussian Blur and High Pass Sharpening

Article by Jim Denham With the sophistication of editing software these days, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest techniques and plug-ins. One of my Christmas gifts was onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 7 upgrade and for my birthday, the Nik Software bundle from Google. These are some amazing and powerful tools that help keep...

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Removing Chromatic Aberration

Apr 10, 13 Removing Chromatic Aberration

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Article by Giuseppe Sapori Chromatic aberrations appear as a colored stripe on sensitive areas; these areas are usually characterized by strong contrast. Chromatic aberration is usually colored cyan, green or blue, but it can have many different shades. Among the ways to remove chromatic aberration, in this tutorial I’ll show...

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Photoshop Tips and Shortcuts

Article by Dave Morrow Photoshop and post processing can be a daunting tasks, but there are many ways to make things much easier on yourself & that’s where I come in. Below I have provided some quick and dirty shortcuts and post processing tips to make your everyday workflow much more efficient and add some extra pop to...

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Masking Source Files with the Quick Selection Tool

Article written by Justin Brown If I could give one piece of advice to someone getting started in HDR, it would be to spend time masking source files.  Today’s HDR software tools keep getting better, but they still aren’t perfect.  There are a few conditions like blinking lights, moving objects, or cloudless blue skies that...

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Selective High Pass Sharpening

Article by Giuseppe Sapori Sometimes it can happen that our image needs some more details in a selective and targeted area. The use of filters such as Topaz Adjust is very functional for this purpose but it is often characterized by full lights and strong contrasts that do not always give the desired effect. It can also happen that...

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