Tutorial Combining 32 Bit HDR with Luminosity Masks To Create Beautiful HDRs

We’re thrilled to announce the release of a free tutorial showing you how to combine 32 bit processing and luminosity masks to create stunningly natural results. You will go from this: To this… This is available for a limited time only so please act quickly. You can find out more here: 32bit & Luminosity Mask...

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Luminosity Mask Video Tutorial & Free Action Set

Learn the power of luminosity masks in creating balanced, natural HDRs. This tutorial will show you how to easily, and quickly blend exposures. And it includes a free Luminosity Mask Action set! Links: Free Action Set (Easy Panel) Links: Advanced Luminosity Mask...

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Cityscape Tutorial – Digital Blending

2.5 months of planning, 4 weeks of writing, recording, re-recording, cleaning sound & editing and finally the Art of Cityscape Tutorials are now here. This is the most varied set of advanced post-processing tutorials that I’ve ever created. We work on some of my most popular images and learn to blend exposures effectively...

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Removing Photomatix Halo tutorial – Grey Matters

Article by Bill Fritz Tone mapping HDR creates quite a few anomalies such as magnified image noise, ghosting, and the thing I like to call “grey matter”.  What is this grey matter I speak of, where does it come from, and how can we prevent it or fix it? This is a freshly processed HDR using Photomatix Pro.  At a quick glance...

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Blend Modes in Photoshop: Tips and Tricks

Jun 12, 13 Blend Modes in Photoshop: Tips and Tricks

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Article by Bill Fritz In Adobe Photoshop, blend modes are one of my favorite and most frequently used tools to alter the image quickly and conveniently.  In Photoshop CS6 there are a whopping total of 27 blend modes to choose from.  Each one has its unique look and purpose.  For those of you who are not familiar with the blend...

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An HDR Workflow

Article by Darin Rogers I won’t be discussing any particular topic with this post today, but rather I’ll be walking through the steps I took to process this image. Of course, if you were to process this image yourself, you might do it differently than I do.  Nothing wrong with that.  The only ‘right’ way to process a...

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