No Tricks just Treats; How to add Halloween Wow to your HDR photo!

Oct 22, 12 No Tricks just Treats; How to add Halloween Wow to your HDR photo!

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Hi all! My name is Kim Zier. Jimmy Mcintyre came to me and asked if I would write for the magazine. What a great honor! Just a little bit about myself before I get started. I began taking pictures 5 years ago and never stopped. I am new to the HDR One magazine. I stumbled upon it back in August and so glad I did. I am among so many...

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Manually Blended HDR

Oct 21, 12 Manually Blended HDR

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A photograph represents an artist’s vision. The vision of HDR photography is often associated with highly saturated and unrealistically texturised images.  I like to think of HDR in more literal terms. ‘High Dynamic Range’ is a term for a technique which is used to overcome the current dynamic range limitations of modern DSLR...

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Facebook’s Failure for Page Owners and Fans

For years now, I’ve been an ardent fan of facebook. I’ve been happy with every change they’ve employed. I loved the new time line. More importantly, I have facebook to the thank for a decent amount of traffic to my sites, and for developing my reputation in the world of photography. Sadly, in recent months, and...

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Photoshop 32 bit HDR editing – The Crypt

Oct 15, 12 Photoshop 32 bit HDR editing – The Crypt

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In the last article I covered general things that I do when photographing churches and cathedrals, and how easy it is because generally I am just trying to portray the beauty that is already there. This time were going down into the depths of the crypt at Gloucester cathedral and what I am looking to do here is convey a feeling of...

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Keeping Your HDR Brackets Organized

Oct 11, 12 Keeping Your HDR Brackets Organized

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If you have been shooting for any length of time you probably have hundreds of images stored somewhere on your computer. If you are bracketing to create HDR images the number of files in your catalog quickly multiplies and can get out of control pretty fast. In this article, I’m going to show you how I keep my HDR brackets...

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Using Tonal Contrast to Make Street Scenes “Pop”

Oct 08, 12 Using Tonal Contrast to Make Street Scenes “Pop”

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(disclaimer: this HDR image is somewhat heavily processed, and is borderline surreal, and there’s nothing wrong with that) I am a huge fan of Color Efex Pro from Nik Software.  If you are not familiar with it, the high-level summary is that it is a collection of various filters which you can apply to any photo, and then within...

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