Using Portrait tools to improve your HDR photos

Nov 14, 12 Using Portrait tools to improve your HDR photos

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I used some portrait tools on this HDR photo, and they really helped! The word portrait is rarely used in a sentence with the acronym HDR, unless it’s something like this: “Geez, HDR processing on a portrait makes him look like a coal-miner”.  To be clear: that is NOT a compliment, unless you actually ARE a coal-miner, in...

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How To Do HDR – Girolamo

Please note: This tutorial, by Girolamo Cracchiolo, was originally published in French here, and has been translated into English by Jimmy McIntyre The majority of people who email me ask: ‘How do you create such impressive photos?’, “What is HDR?”, “What equipment is needed?” The creation of...

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Financial Situation of HDR One

As some of you may have noticed, HDR One now has advertisements in our downloadable pdf magazine, and on the right hand side of our website. I was expecting a slightly negative response to this by a small pocket of readers. Historically, when advertising partnerships start on popular websites, there are claims of people...

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Facebook Friday – Week 9

Welcome to week 9 of Facebook Friday. These shots are the editor’s choice from the awesome selection of photos uploaded to our HDR facebook page. These images were chosen not simply because they were well processed. Factors such as composition, use of light and colour, and simply the ability to make a person stop in their tracks...

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Camera Settings for Shooting Quality HDR Brackets

Nov 08, 12 Camera Settings for Shooting Quality HDR Brackets

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While processing and organizing your HDR brackets are important topics, all of our hard work in those areas won’t matter much if we don’t take the best shots possible in the field. In this article I’m going to discuss the camera settings that will help you do just that. Always shoot in RAW Capturing your brackets...

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HDR Tutorial – Danny Xeero

Nov 06, 12 HDR Tutorial – Danny Xeero

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Check out The Art of HDR for more advanced HDR training! HDR is always about Dynamic Range but not saturation. There is 1 thing I feel very unfortunately about: people tend to think that HDRi is about over saturated images. But this is never the case. HDR (tonemapping) has always been, just a tool to produce a better Dynamic Range...

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