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What We Are Looking For

HDR Photography

HDR One is built on the talented and passionate work of the HDR community. As a member of that community you are more than welcome to submit your photos and articles to us. In fact, HDR One is entirely dependent on your contributions.

These are the submission guidelines:

1. All articles must be written uniquely for HDR One. We cannot accept work published elsewhere.

2. Images must not exceed 300kb. We ‘d love to use high-res images, but the server just couldn’t handle it.

3. We are looking for informative, well-written articles that will enhance our readers’ understanding of HDR photography.

4. The author may include two photography related links in the bio of his/her article.

5. Authors must use his/her own pictures only.

If you’d like to contribute an article, please click the following link to register, and then press Add Post to begin writing.

To add images to articles, please just leave a link to the image hosted on a different site (e.g. flickr) in the appropriate place in the article and we will upload it. If you are unable to upload your images to a different site, please email us and we will request the shots via email.

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For photographers wanting to contribute images to our galleries, please continue reading.

Image Quality

  1. The emphasis here is on quality. Please note, if your picture contains halos it will not be accepted unless the halos add to the picture. Since this is very rarely the case, please do not send in pictures with halos. This includes even small halos that may not be immediately evident. Here are some tutorials on removing halos – Trey Ratcliff, Jimmy McIntyre, Klaus Farbspiel.
  2. Please treat your images with noise removal software where necessary.
  3. Please ensure your images are appropriately sharp.
  4. Composition, composition, composition!
  5. Small watermark is permitted.

Guidelines for submitting images

  1. Simply email us through the contact form with the title ‘Gallery’ and include a link to your work. If it is accepted we will ask you to email us the 900px wide image with a short description, a short bio (you may include relevant URLs), and as much technical information as possible (ISO, camera, lens etc.).
  2. If English is your second language and you are worried about grammatical errors, your photos are the most important thing, so still please contact us.

Why contribute?

At this moment in time contributors will not be paid. No one at the magazine receives payment for their work. This may change if the magazine receives sponsorship, but everything on this site exists purely for the love of the art, first and foremost.

Contributors have the potential to receive a fantastic level of exposure that they wouldn’t have ordinarily gained. Regular contributors will stand to benefit the most, as readers may begin to feel an affiliation towards your work the more they see it.

Finally, you have the chance to be part of something special – the only online HDR magazine in the world – and contribute to the HDR community as a whole.