Tips for capturing reflections

May 02, 13 Tips for capturing reflections

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Article by Wojciech Toman One of my favourite compositional elements in photography are reflections. You can use them to make composition much more interesting, for example by adding symmetry to your photos. Reflections add a lot of depth and interest to the photos. They can make it much easier to tell the story. Here are some tips...

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Dealing with noise in HDR photos

Article by Wojciech Toman In this article I will focus on dealing with noise in HDR photos. If you would like to learn more about HDR photography and about my HDR workflow read my comprehensive HDR tutorial describing each step of creating HDR photos. Noise is an inevitable part of digital photography and it is related to the modern...

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Winter & mountains in HDR

Feb 20, 13 Winter & mountains in HDR

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Article by Wojciech Toman Photographing in winter is one of the most challenging things to do in landscape photography. Not only are the conditions difficult (freezing, snowing or foggy) but also cameras don’t always work well under these circumstances (underexposing photos, problems with AF, batteries drain faster)....

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Exposure Fusion in Photomatix for ultra-natural photos

Article by Wojciech Toman Introduction A long time ago when no one had heard about HDR, photographers were still able to increase the dynamic range of their photos. What they did, and many photographers still do, was to open several exposures in Photoshop and blend them using layer masks.  When they blended the layers they had to...

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Understanding HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Nov 25, 12 Understanding HDR (High Dynamic Range)

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  When reading various on-line posts and articles related to HDR photography I often see that there is quite a lot of misunderstanding and myths about it. Many users don’t really know what an HDR image really is, what the difference between HDR and exposure fusion is and what really is tone-mapping apart from a buzz word....

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