Walking through Nik’s Dfine 2.0 – A Review

Dec 05, 12 Walking through Nik’s Dfine 2.0 – A Review

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Article written by Justin Brown Noise reduction is an important step in any HDR post-processing workflow. Every digital image, even one shot at low ISO, has noise present.  When combining images using an HDR process, the noise is often amplified in ways that can be detrimental to the image.  Fortunately, software like Nik’s...

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HDR Without a Tripod

Oct 07, 12 HDR Without a Tripod

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When it comes to HDR photography gear, a tripod is arguably the single most important piece of equipment, but sometimes situations arise where it is just not possible to use one.  I recently went on a two week trip to the Eastern US, and I did not have space in my luggage for my main tripod.  Instead, I packed a smaller travel...

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Walking Through my HDR Workflow by Justin Brown

Aug 26, 12 Walking Through my HDR Workflow by Justin Brown

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As a photographer, I am constantly studying the work of others.  My favorite source of inspiration comes from all the images posted to the internet every day.  I am constantly looking to improve my knowledge and my ability as a photographer.  Over time I have studied images, read books, watched videos, and read articles like...

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Getting Creative with a Fisheye Lens

Aug 11, 12 Getting Creative with a Fisheye Lens

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  The first decision any DSLR photographer makes is which lens to use.  More often than not, I find myself reaching for my fisheye.  I prefer the wide perspective, and the fisheye distortion adds additional compositional elements that keep the images fun and unique.  The field of view can reach 180 degrees, so it becomes...

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