Painting with HDR

Mar 22, 13 Painting with HDR

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Article by Chris Smith Often you’ll encounter a situation where part of the scene looks great in HDR, but the HDR process turns the rest of the image into something out-of-this-world. The grass becomes neon-yellow, the clouds become black, and halos outline your subject against the sky.  One way to handle this is to combine the...

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Chicago Photowalk Top 5

Feb 11, 13 Chicago Photowalk Top 5

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Article by Chris Smith We had our first HDR One and Out Of Chicago photo walk on January 26th. We had about 30 people show up on an evening where the temperature started around freezing and dropped throughout the night. We started at the People’s Gas Pavilion and made our way to North Avenue Beach to capture the skyline with...

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Capture the Entire Dynamic Range By Shooting Manual HDR Brackets.

Article by Chris Smith Today’s cameras are amazing for shooting HDR. The D800 takes 9 brackets and the 5D Mark III takes 7 brackets at once. But what if your camera doesn’t take that many brackets? Or what if 7 exposures are still not enough! Or maybe you just want more control. I am going to show you how I’ve been manually...

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Ten Tips For Shooting Night HDR in the City

Jan 15, 13 Ten Tips For Shooting Night HDR in the City

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Article by Chris Smith Photographers usually get into HDR photography because they love to edit images. But before you get them to your computer, you need to properly capture your exposures. And that is especially true when you’re shooting HDR images at night. Here are ten tips for shooting night HDR images in the city. 1....

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