Roof topping in Ulsan

Sep 12, 12 Roof topping in Ulsan

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Sinbok Years ago when a photographer friend led me onto the roof of the Namun Plaza near the sinbok rotary in Ulsan, I was taken back by the sight before me and the sneakiness getting to the top without being seen. Little did I know that this would become a trend in some circles of photography and a passion of my own. For me,...

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Ulsan Cityscape

Title – Ulsan Photographer – Jason Teale The Place This was shot from the roof of the namoon plaza in Ulsan, South Korea. This was the roof where I took my first winning photo back in 2004. This was also the roof of the building which I was married in. The area in front is called Mugeo-dong which is the University...

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All Contributors

  This is a list of all the talented HDR photographers who have contributed to HDR One so far. Click the links to be taken to their portfolio of work on this site. If you don’t see your name but your work has featured on this site, please get in touch. Contributors Andrew Steel – Regular Contributor Ben Fewtrell...

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