HDR Month on Megashot

Working with the number one photography page on Facebook, Megashot.net, I’m thrilled to announce that July will be a one-off HDR Month in which you will have a chance to showcase your wonderful HDRs to more than 100k people.

This is more than just a chance for you talented HDRists to get some great exposure, it’s also another excellent step forward towards HDR becoming more and more reputable in the world of photography.

Taking a step further, I’ve been leading workshops associated with Megashot.net, teaching beginners to HDR how to use luminance masks to develop natural HDRs. I’m not the only instructor involved. In fact, we will have some of the best HDRists in the world leading these workshops. And you can track the development of the students on Megashot.net’s page.

So, join the page, share your work and interact on other people’s images.


Jimmy McIntyre