Monthly Download

Beginning this month we will no-longer be offering HDR One as a monthly download. I know that out of the 3,500+ people who download it each month there will be a few disappointed readers.

I, too, take great pleasure from the monthly issues. After working each month on collecting, organising and editing articles, to have a finished product, beautifully designed by Nikola Totuhov, was a joy.

Then, to see how many of our wonderful readers would share the magazine across their blogs, forums, facebook etc. gave me, to be honest, a sense of pride.

It is, however, a hugely resource-intensive project that relies heavily on the generoursity of others each month and since it doesn’t generate income it is very difficult to continue.

Although HDR One is a good sized HDR-related site with a steadily growing readership, it is still a tiny publication in wider terms and can’t support anyone, not even me, financially.

Ultimately I was left with 2 choices: I could start charging for the monthly download or stop producing it. Charging, as many of you already know, simply isn’t an option. The point of HDR One was to create a free HDR resource and that won’t change.

The bonus of stopping the downloadable magazine is that we can devote more time to developing the online magazine and we have some awesome articles coming up soon, interesting competitions, and not to mention a couple of new, superb regular contributors.

I should say that I hope that this change is not permanent. If the HDR One site grows I sincerely hope the monthly magazine will return but for now please enjoy the information on the site and leave us comments and feedback along the way.

Apologies for any disappointment.

All the best

Jimmy McIntyre