Chicago Photowalk Top 5

Article by Chris Smith

We had our first HDR One and Out Of Chicago photo walk on January 26th. We had about 30 people show up on an evening where the temperature started around freezing and dropped throughout the night. We started at the People’s Gas Pavilion and made our way to North Avenue Beach to capture the skyline with the setting sun. We were greeted by a full moon rising over Lake Michigan before heading back to the pub to warm up and share our images. All-in-all, it was a successful night of HDR shooting.

Here are my top 5 shots from the walk.

On Thin Ice, Christopher Foltz,

People’s Gas Pavilion, Don Ritt,

Winter Beach, Cliffie Scott-Williams,

Pavilion, Bob Segal,

Full Moon Rising, Don Burkett,

  • Christopher Foltz

    Thanks for the inclusion, a great walk like always!!

    • Brian Koprowski

      I feel like the HDR rockstar in your photo, Chris! lol

  • Jarede Schmetterer

    Wow! You are all rock stars! Each shot is worthy of a cover. ^5