Winner – Darkroom Facebook Cover Contest

After 1 and a half months our second contest, sponsored by Darkroom 2, has come to a close and it’s now time to announce the winner. There were 12 entries in total, but only 4 met the contest criteria.

As is always the case, deciding a winner was extremely difficult. However, I’m pleased to announce that the winning entry, which will be used as our facebook cover, is by Marek Koteluk.

I particularly liked its simplicity and the richness of the main HDR image on the right hand-side.

The other entries were from:

Michael MurphyI loved the fun nature of this, and the tag-line.

Mike HardistyI enjoyed the mood of this design, and the minimalist feel to it.

William Dawson -The placement of the logo, and the striking scene is what I find most pleasing here.


  • Marek

    Thank You Jimmy. I appreciate very much this win :-)

  • Mike Hardisty

    Congratulations to Marek. It’s a good design.

  • Marek

    Thank You Mike. Your cover was also very good.