Snapseed to the Rescue – Instagram Ruins it for Photographers

Outrage has spread though the world of photography at the news that Instagram will gain the sole right to sell your images without any obligation to recompense you, the photographer – your images are no longer your own. In an era when online piracy is a hot topic, Instagram is about to get away with their own legal from of piracy.

Not only will you not receive payment, you will not even be told if your photography is sold.

This is yet another kick in the teeth to photographers by facebook, who own Instagram. It was only 2 months ago when we published stats showing the strangle hold facebook has on small page owners as they attempt to squeeze every last penny from us.

You can opt out of this blatant form of piracy by closing your Instagram account by the 16th of January.

What I fail to understand is why on earth facebook would do this. Our photography is our product. Surely they must have anticipated a huge backlash by stealing that product. Why couldn’t they set up a simple payment plan for selling images, like any stock image site out there?

Google must be delighted at this announcement. The opening of their new communities had the HDR world frantically joining or creating their own communities. Now, with snapseed on their side, this turn of events could finally push Google+ at the top of the list for photographers.

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