Montargis : Venise of Gatinais

Title  ”Montargis : Venise of Gatinais”

Photographer name: Matthieu Olivier

Description of place

A few weeks ago I went to Montargis, a city located at a hundred kilometers under Paris.

This city is also surnamed “la Venise du Gatinais” that you could translate into “the Venise of Gatinais” — Gatinais being the name of the area.

indeed the town is crossed by several canals of 2 rivers : the Loing and the Briare. These canals meander through the city. It evokes a bit Venise to the locals.

The city is nice, but the bad weather did not inspired me that much this day. After hours of walk, I finally lost hopes until I realise a changement in the ambiant light: it was the blue hour.

Hurried, I went near a pedestrian bridge that I had seen earlier, deployed my tripod and waited until the artificial light on the top become brighter.

This was the only scene I got, but it was the right one.

Technical information – ISO, Camera etc, type of HDR software (Photos that contain in depth information about processing usually get the best response)

Camera – Nikon D7000

Lens – Samyang 8mm

HDR Software –  Lightroom 4.1 + Photomatix 4.1

ISO – 100

Aperture – f8

Number of exposures – 3 (-2, 0 +2)

Tripod/handheld – tripod

Extra processing information:

I tried both 32 HDR and tomemapped HDR. The first one was cleaner, but the sky was far more contrasted in the tonemapped version. That’s why I picked up this second version.

Then I used a graduated filter on the sky to darken it more and enhance the clarity, then some blue color luminance for having a deeper blue. The rest of my work was around tonal and curve settings

Photographers bio (you may include links to relevant sites here)

I started photography on March 2011, after thoughts and hesitations.  I know that I’m not particularly aware about what’s going on around me or in the world. Photography has been a trigger and helped me to open my eyes and to give an another look on things.

I evolved through several photographic style, but now I can say that my favourites are architecture and urban photography.

When HDR came into my workflow process, it was at first for balancing the lights. Now I use it as a creative way too, trying to do not go “too far”.

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