Louvre and pyramids

Title – ”Louvre and pyramids”

Photographer name – Matthieu Olivier

Description of place

Here is a view of the Louvre museum, at Paris. I tried to find a view which may mix the old museum with the glass pyramid.  The result fits with my idea.

For the story, It took me ages to find the right position with the little pyramid on left and big one on right, taking care about lights, etc. When everything went good, I finally had to wait around 10 minutes until tourists and my friends photographers go  out the frame. But waiting was worth it, as it often does.

Technical information 

Camera – Nikon D7000

Lens – Sigma 8-16mm

HDR Software –  Lightroom 4.1 + photoshop CS6

ISO – 100

Aperture – f8

Number of exposures – 3 (-2, 0 +2)

Tripod/handheld – tripod

 Extra processing information:

At first, I’ve applied my usual workflow: photomatix + lightroom. As usual, it gave me an interesting result in term of exposition. But I had some issues with the lack of sharpness. Finally I tried the 32 bit HDR approach instead of the tonemapping.

With the 32 bit file, the picture remains clean and very sharp.You can also tweak it deeper, a bit like a RAW versus JPG. The tonemaped 16 bit file is more limited this way, but the exposition gets better with this solution.

When you rescale the both files at lower resolutions, these differences tend to be smaller. So about the choice to use one or another solution, it will mostly depend on the situation and your own taste.

The picture above is issued from a 32 bit HDR file.

 Photographers bio 

I started photography on March 2011, after thoughts and hesitations.  I know that I’m not particularly aware about what’s going on around me or in the world. Photography has been a trigger and helped me to open my eyes and to give an another look on things.

I evolved through several photographic style, but now I can say that my favourites are architecture and urban photography.

When HDR came into my workflow process, it was at first for balancing the lights. Now I use it as a creative way too, trying to do not go “too far”.

If you are curious to follow my work, you can find more photos on these medias: