High Dynamic Range Video Turorial – Dan Marbaix

Tutorial by Dan Marbaix

Odins raven photography urbex hdr tutorial for HDRone magazine from Odins Raven on Vimeo.

This Image was taken in West Park Hospital (or Asylum), which was a large abandoned psychiatric hospital near Epsom in Surrey. Now nearly all converted into apartments and houses the location was hugely popular with urban explorers due to its vast size and large number of objects left behind. This was shot in December 2010 when Mr Monster and Broken character came over from Austria specifically to see the hospital before it got knocked down. We spent the whole day there trying to cover every corner so the guys could see all the best bits. After 8 or so hours wedding bouncy castle undiscovered we decided to leave and when you’re leaving all stealth goes out the window especially when there’s 9 of you so we walked out to be greeted by the legendary security guard known only as MC Hammer and some police officers doing a training exercise. Following some questions we were made to walk the long way home as punishment but the walk was a small price to pay for a full day in such an amazing location.

The room in the image is one of the wards and was popular due to its nice green curtains.
The video tutorial will run through everything I do to create an HDR image its my first go at a video but I hope it helps.

Camera Gear & Setup
Nikon D700 on a tripod
9 Exposures at F/Stop: 13
ISO: 200
Focal length: 24mm using the Nikon 24-70mm 2.8

Photomatix Pro
9 Exposures tonemapped
Basic camera raw editing followed by some basic adjustment layers in photoshop (curves gradient map and hue saturation)

You can follow Dan Marbaix’s work here http://www.flickr.com/photos/odins_raven/ Or like it on Facebook if that’s your bag www.facebook.com/odinsravenphotography
  • http://mikehardisty.wordpress.com/ Mike Hardisty

    Great tutorial…thanks for showing us it

  • shando

    My missus reckons if Jack Whitehall and Alan Partridge had a love child it would speak like you. Cool tute ;)