HDR One in 2013

Firstly, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time out of your busy day to consistently read HDR One. Without your wonderful support we wouldn’t have had such a successful 2012. We’ve had almost 2,000 downloads of this month’s magazine alone!

Our goal in 2012 was to make quality HDR tutorials and articles completely accessible to all. I hope we’ve achieved that.

I apologise that the design of the downloadable magazine wasn’t of a high quality. I’m currently working with designer Nikola Totuhov to rectify that and bring you a sleek, more professional design for 2013 which will also include some awesome new features.

I’d also like to thank our brilliant regular contributors who, for no payment, go out of their way every month to produce wonderful content for us. Please check out their sites listed on our About page.

In a financial sense, HDR One made $450 in 2012. That helped to cover our hosting costs last year, and will contribute a little towards next year’s hosting. As you can see, it’s not easy to generate an income from this type of publication, but I’m looking for ways to secure the magazine’s financial future.

Our goal for 2013 is to make HDR One the biggest HDR reference on the net, packed with free tutorials, articles, videos and great photos.

My request to you

As all of you know, I made a commitment to keep the magazine free, and that will continue. However, there is a way that you can support HDR One, if you feel happy to do so. The HDR community is larger than people think. One HDR group on flickr has more than 80,000 members, and the largest HDR community on G+ has 33,000+ members. HDR One has barely scratched the surface of the HDR community – many HDRists still don’t know about the magazine.

My goal is to create an advertising campaign on facebook in the month of February to raise awareness of the magazine. I plan to raise $1,000 from now until the 8th of February to create the advert. Every step of this project will be completely transparent and 100% dependent on donations from our readers.

Please note: You will see exactly how much has been donated via this 3rd party site, and print screen evidence will show you how much is spent on the campaign through facebook. No one in the magazine will receive a penny of any donations.

Why donate?

By increasing our readership we can improve 2 things that will ensure the magazine is still around this time next year and producing great HDR content. Firstly, we will get more excellent articles and tutorials because HDR photographers will be more enthusiastic about writing for larger audiences.

And finally, the magazine will become more attractive to potential advertisers, ensuring the financial future of HDR One.

I have no idea how successful this will be. The festive season is often the most expensive time of the year and I completely understand if you cannot afford to donate. However, even donations as small as $1 will help.

Whether you choose to donate or not, I hope you continue to enjoy our great community and magazine.

To securely donate, please see our official campaign page here.

Thank you very much in advance and may 2013 be a remarkable your for you and your loved ones.

Jimmy McIntyre