Greenhouse at the University of Manitoba

Title – Greenhouse at the University of Manitoba

Photographer name – Clarence Abrams

Description of place

The photo was taken in the heart of the University of Manitoba campus in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The location of this particular greenhouse struck me as odd, being attached to the Buller Building (background), especially as there are many greenhouses located on the campus outskirts as part of a large Faculty of Agriculture. And, of course, its lighting really stood out – the shot was taken about 1-1/2 hours after sunset.

Technical information – ISO, Camera etc, type of HDR software

Camera – Nikon D300

Lens –  DX Nikkor 10 – 24mm f/3.5-f4.5 at 10mm

HDR Software –  Photomatix Pro 4.2

ISO – 200

Aperture – f/10

Number of exposures –  5 exposures, -3.0EV to +1.0EV, 1/10 sec. to 2.0 sec.

Tripod/handheld – Tripod

Extra processing information:

5 RAW exposures tonemapped in Photomatix 4.2 using details enhancer. The camera’s auto WB was used with no adjustment in post. The strength was set at 100, luminosity at 4.0, detail contrast at 6.0 and both black and white clip set at 0.250. The sky in the resulting tonemapped image was replaced with the 0EV source image (the skies in night HDRs tend to get a little ‘dirty’) and the result saved as a 16-bit TIFF, which was then imported into Lightroom 3.6 where a little vibrance (+15) and medium contrast were added. High pass sharpening was added in Capture NX2.

 Photographers bio

Enthusiastic amateur photographer, I got interested in photography in the early 1980s, going through a number of cameras until I finally settled on a couple of Canon F1s and some Canon FD lenses. I pretty much abandoned the hobby for 25 years or so while my wife and I raised three wonderful children. A few years ago my wife convinced me to get a digital camera. I became interested in HDR photography after seeing the work of a Canadian Prairie Landscape photographer by the name of Dan Jurak, whose subtle use of HDR techniques really made his shots stand out for me. I started playing around with HDR about a year and a half ago and continue to experiment and learn. The majority of the photos on my Flickr site ( are HDRs.