Goode Mountain, North Cascades National Park

Title: Goode Mountain, North Cascades National Park

 Photographer name: Andy Porter

Description of place:

The North Cascades National Park is located in the north western corner of Washington State. Goode Mountain is in the southern section of the park, this image was captured along the North Fork Meadows Trail.

 Technical information

Camera –Canon EOS Rebel, T2i

Lens – Canon 15-85 IS

HDR Software – Photoshop

ISO -200

Aperture – f9

Number of exposures – 1

Tripod/handheld –handheld

Extra processing information:

I processed the image first as a RAW image, adjusting for lens distortion, sharpening, fill light and some colors.   Then I created a HDR version of the image in Photoshop. Next I added a new sky as a PSD and finally modified the greens and water falls a tad.

Photographers bio:

 I have done a lot of back country travel, always wanting to capture the look and feel of the place…I am relatively new with PS and keep trying to force myself to learn new tricks! The Pacific Northwest is my home, always new and wonderful scenes to capture… and