Turn off the light

Title – Turn off the light

Photographer name – Benjamin Gs

Description of place

A classical view of Manhattan and the financial district from the Manhattan bridge.

Even with a tripod, I had to use a short exposure time to avoid vibration due to the subway, cars and trucks

Technical information 

Camera  EOS 60D

Lens Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS

HDR Software   Photoshop

ISO 400

Aperture f/5.6

Number of exposures Single exposure

Tripod/handheld Tripod

Extra processing information:

Tonemapped with Photoshop from a single raw + Topaz Adjust to get more details + curves and colors adjustments

Photographers bi

I’m a 28yo French photographer, living in Paris. I discovered Photography during summer 2010 using an EOS 350D and felt in love. I like to explore all kind of photography (Landscape, architecture, macro, portrait, …) with a particular affinity for strobist and landscapes to improve my technical and artistic skills, the way is still long but always fascinating…

I travel all around the world each time I can, always with my camera in the bag, and photography is the best way to discover the wonder of the world.

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/bgspix / 500px: http://500px.com/bgspix