The Illusionist

Title: The Illusionist

Photographer name: Bruce Noronha

Description of place:

Dam Square, Amsterdam

Technical information

Camera – Canon EOS 5D Mk II

Lens –  Sigma 8-16mm f/4.5-5.6 DC HSM

HDR Software – Photomatix 4.2.4 – Photoshop CS6 HDR Pro

ISO – 640

Aperture – f/8.0

Number of exposures – 3

Tripod/handheld – Handheld

Extra processing information:
An evening and the first evening I had ever been to Amsterdam. It’s an amazing place…but unfortunately it was raining and I managed to get few pics but most of the time it was rush hour for us, my folks were all chilling out sipping on some coffee while I walked around the Dam Square to explore areas especially this being my first and a very short visit.

TBH I did not know what this busker was doing as I couldn’t stay for the rest of the show, as you can see he’s just prepping himself up…but to my knowledge I think he’s best at what he does 🙂 He may be a magician or a juggler but I had no clue so I personally named it “The Illusionist”

I shot a series of handheld HDRs so quick that I wanted to capture the aircraft in the frame (you can see here a kid pointing out to the sky) I had to shoot in jpeg as I had little space on my memory card. Using the Sigma 8-16mm on a full frame is not a good idea, it looked just OK on 16mm as the vignetting was so bad on the rest of the focal length 8-15mm, but hey 16mm is still awesome if you know what you doin 🙂

The Post Processing: Loaded Lightroom 4 and noticed that one set of HDRs really stood out but unfortunately I lost some info on the clouds, highlights were heavy on certain parts of the sky. Fortunately I did have other images of the same series so I replaced the sky 🙂

Normally I am a big fan of Photomatix but for these 3 images I used Photoshop CS6’s HDR Pro, merged all the images and replaced the sky, used some dodging and burning on people, used Nik Softwares’s Tonal Contrast, applied curves and highlighs on some parts of the buildings. Finally, played around with the shadows, highlights and colours in Lightroom.

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