The Bridge of the sailing ship The Peacemaker

Title – The Bridge of the sailing ship The Peacemaker

Photographer name – Steve Rich

Description of place

The ship The Peacemaker is docked in Savannah Georgia

Website for additional information can be found here

Technical information

Camera – Canon 7D

Lens – Tamron 10-24 Auto Focus turned off,

HDR Software – Photomatix Pro 4.2 Details Enhancer Selected

ISO -100

Aperture – F11

Number of exposures – Three exposures using the camera, created a forth exposure outside the camera. The extra under exposed image was needed to help bring out additional detail through the windows. The first window with the white deck was blown out, adding the forth underexposed image really helped pop the detail.

Tripod/handheld –Handheld – I found a support beam and pressed myself and my camera against the beam. A tripod was impossible to take on board with such small and narrow walkways. I found many support structures to help steady my camera.

Extra processing information: Workflow –  4 Raw images inside Lightroom sent to Photomatix Pro then back to Lightroom. Tonemapped image – Lightroom to Photoshop CS6 for some noise reduction using Topaz Denoise. From Photoshop CS6 on to OnOne Perfect Effects 4, back to CS6 back to Lightroom

Photographers bio:  I am 55 years old, married and have two daughters, both daughters are married. I have a 3 year old grandson and 5 month old grandaughter. My early years of photography I was a point and shoot with no post processing. With the birth of my grandson, this gave me a reason to learn something new. I use all the Adobe products, Photoshop CS6, Elements 11, Lightroom 4, I also use Nik products, the Topaz Bundle, OnOne Perfect Suit 7 and Photomatix Pro.

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  • Jennifer Steller

    Awesome pic!!!!!!!

    • Steve Rich

      Thank you Jennifer

  • Alex Steller

    Very Cool! It almost looks like a painting!

    • Steve Rich

      Thank you, Alex, I was lucky to have something to lean on while taking this hand held shot.

  • Vick Sahota

    Wow excellent picture love how it looks like a painting! Would look excellent framed!

    • Steve Rich

      Thanks so much Vick, just a copy back from the printer.