Nov/Dec Contest Sponsored by HDR Darkroom 2

HDR One’s second contest, sponsored by HDR Darkroom2, is now open. This time there can be only one winner, but not only do they get the free full download of HDR Darkroom 2, they will also have their name/website seen by thousands on our facebook page.

What’s this contest all about?

We are looking for a new facebook cover for our HDR facebook page. We want to give our wonderfully creative readers a chance to create one for us, and offer them some great HDR software and exposure in return. We will use the winning cover on our facebook page for all to see.

How to enter

To enter you must post your cover design on a website, be it yours or a social site like flickr/facebook, and then link to it on our forum here by December 15th. The winner will be decided on the 20th of December by magazine editor, Jimmy McIntyre.

What you will win

Firstly, you will get a copy of Darkroom 2.

Secondly, you will be able to include your name/website on the cover for 1000s of people to see.

Finally, on the description of the image in facebook we will include your name and relevant websites you have.

Dimensions of the cover

This is very important. The dimensions must be correct. The cover should be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels high.

Structure of the cover

Please look at the example cover below used for this contest. To the bottom left you can see it is blank. That space is where our profile picture goes, so there shouldn’t be anything important in there.


As in the example above, you can write your name OR your website address after Cover Design By. You cannot write both as it would be too long and look untidy. You don’t have to keep this in the bottom right of the image, but it must remain unobtrusive.

What to include in the cover

We are going to give you complete creativity over the content of the cover. You decide our logo, tagline, and background. REMEMBER, there must be a Logo & Tagline.


You must only useĀ  your own images. If there is suspicion of copyright infringement we will delete your entry.

You must submit your entry by the 15th of December.

English must be used on the cover.

Profanity on the cover will not be accepted.