Lest We Forget

Title – Lest We Forget

Photographer name – Rebecca Litchfield (Day Of The Dead)

Description of place

An long abandoned house

Technical information – ISO, Camera etc, type of HDR software (Photos that contain in depth information about processing usually get the best response)

Camera – Canon 5Diii

Lens – 100mm 2.8 Macro

HDR Software – Photomatix

ISO – 400

Aperture – 19

Number of exposures – 7

Tripod/handheld – Tripod

Extra processing information:

Processed in photomatix Pro, then exported in photoshop as a laayer over the 20 second exposure (which was correctly exposed) the HDR layer was used on an opacity of around 70%. I do this as I dont want the HDR to look to unreal in the image. I then sharpened the image, added a vingnette and added a gradient layer to slightly colour grade the image.

Photographers bio

My name is Rebecca, I love to explore, I first visited an abandoned place in 2004, the famous and mother of all asylums, Cane Hill, it will always stay firmly in my heart as an experience that truly took my breathe away. I visited a few more places after that, never with photography in mind and have only really caught the bug mid 2012 when I did a zombie engagement shoot in the abandoned Gillette Factory on Syon Lane.

 Lets just say the rest is history, I cant explain the feeling I get from exploring abandonment places, but lets just say its magical, I get to see things others couldn’t even imagine and I feel so lucky to view museums where only few footprints are left.