Financial Situation of HDR One

As some of you may have noticed, HDR One now has advertisements in our downloadable pdf magazine, and on the right hand side of our website.

I was expecting a slightly negative response to this by a small pocket of readers. Historically, when advertising partnerships start on popular websites, there are claims of people ‘selling out’. To the contrary, and to my pleasant surprise, I’ve actually received emails from some readers congratulating me on finding a reputable sponsor.

The truth is, before Promote Systems got in touch about working with us, I’d already been contacted by two other companies. I politely declined their offers of a partnership. The reason being, HDR One and its contributors have developed an excellent reputation in the world of HDR. Our readers seem to respect our opinions to a certain degree, and I had no intention of breeching that trust by partnering with companies who I felt couldn’t realistically benefit our readers.

When I was contacted by Promote Systems, I was enthused by the fact that our readers had personally recommended HDR One ahead of other magazines. I was also happy at the idea of working with a company with a glowing reputation, especially in the world of HDR.

At this point, some people may be wondering why the magazine needs sponsorship.

Since this is a free magazine, we have more or less zero income apart from the odd affiliate sale. And sadly, like many other magazines before us, without financial support it would be literally impossible for HDR One to exist beyond the next 6 months or so.  I, for one, love this HDR resource. It’s unparalleled and I’d like to keep it going.

While we are nowhere near covering the running costs of the magazine, Promote systems and any future sponsors will have helped us take the next step in ensuring the future of the magazine.

We will be looking at new ways to develop funds to cover our costs, but all of the information on the magazine, and any future articles will remain free, that’s one guarantee that we can make.

If there’s a demand for it, we will look into organising HDR internet workshops led by our contributors, or even one-to-one HDR coaching.

If you wish to help, you can do so at no cost to yourself. I’d like to personally ask you to share HDR One, or its facebook page, with your friends or other photographers. By doing this we benefit in two ways:

Firstly our contributors who write these articles do so with no financial reward. Sharing the magazine will them get the credit they duly deserve.

Secondly, a larger audience would make HDR One an even more attractive partner to more companies, further ensuring the magazine’s survival.

Thank you very much in advance for sharing our magazine, and to Promote Systems for their sponsorship. Here’s to many more years of great HDR tutorials, and wonderful HDR.

My name is Jimmy McIntyre and I’m the editor of HDR One magazine. I travel for a living, learn languages, take pictures, and generally try to have an enjoyable life. You can subscribe to my updates of facebook or visit my daily HDR travel blog