Dark Portal

Title – Dark Portal

Photographer name – Matt Emmett

Description of place

Futuristic fibre glass film set doors give this underground tunnel that finishing touch in its transformation from wind tunnel to sci-fi dreamscape reality. The doors are a leftover from the filming in 2005 when the production of ‘Sahara’ moved in to shoot scenes near the end of the film. The location is an ex MOD Jet Engine research and development establishment, now derelict and awaiting demolition.

Technical information

Camera – Canon 7D

Lens – Canon EF 24 – 70mm  L series

HDR Software – Photomatix

ISO – 1000

Aperture – F20

Number of exposures – 7

Tripod/handheld – Manfroto RC2

Extra processing information:

1) Added more vignette in PS on the left of image to increase mood. 2) Used selective colour in PS affecting black – added 5 cyan, 3 magenta and subtracted 3 yellow to make the backs blue’ish in tone. 3) Used selective colour to remove the rusty tones from the side rails in the central walkway giving the scene a lack of colour besides the grey / blue. 4) Bit of curves to bring out highlights and darken shadows. 5) Some cloning to get rid of a few orbs. 6) Smidgen of unsharp mask. 7) Finito!

Photographers bio

Passionate photographer / explorer. Only got into shooting UE stuff recently but loving every moment of it. Favourite subject matter is Industrial without a doubt. Love the community, so many decent, helpful and friendly people out there, been a blast so far! Bring on the next location!