Sep-Oct Photo Contest – Judging phase

There remain just 5 more days of our photo contest sponsored by NIK software. 275 people entered the contest on our facebook page. From that, the 10 HDR photos with the most votes have now entered the judging phase. Jim Nix will now decide the winner and two runners-up. All photos are uploaded to this page for consideration.

We have deliberately excluded the photographers’ names so that Jim can make the decision blindly. Watermarks have been blacked out where applicable.

The winners will be announced on the 25th of October. Good luck.

Here are the entries in no particular order.

  • Mike Hardisty

    It’s good to have friends…

    • Jimmy

      Don’t worry Mike. All future contests will be judge based and hosted on HDR One.

      • Mike Hardisty

        There are some really great images in the final 10

        • Jimmy

          There are some wonderful images in there. But we’ve received too many complaints about the process, excluding non-facebook members, the facebook app discolouring the images, and the lack of fairness.

          • Mike Hardisty

            Great idea though. OK the process may not be 100% right but it can be refined. I must admit I’m not a great lover of FB, I mainly use it to keep in touch with a few photography friends.

  • Ben

    it’s true that some many good pictures didn’t make it. Although I’m part of the 10 above my picture isn’t that exceptional, as when I enter the contest this was totally new to me and I was just starting HDR. The picture was done based on 1 .jpeg file with additional filters from Nik to give that HDR look