The Lazer Light Show In Singapore

Title – Battle of Lasers

Photographer – Partha Roy


Everyday the Light (laser) and Water show take place in Marina Bay Sands (Singapore) named “Light (laser) and Water Spectacular”. It’s combination of Laser and musical water fountain show and one of Asia’s biggest show. Moreover I like this show as it’s free :-).  To know more about this show please follow the link – If you are visiting in Singapore I will recommend to watch this show as it’s really spectacular. There are many spots present alongside Marina bay area to view this show and doing the photography and/or videography. My favorite 3 spots are in below:-

1) In-front of Crystal Pavilion North/MBS Waterfront – Map location - – You will get full view of laser show with MBS in very close view like mine. In this spot you have to use a very wide angle lens.

2) In-between Marina Bay Floating Platform and Helix Bridge – Map location – – If you want to add colorful Helix bridge, Marina Bay Sand, lotus like Art Science museum and reflection of Helix bridge along with laser light in your frame then this is the best spot. You can use any type of lens of your choice i.e. from wide angle to normal telephoto and frame the subject as your taste.

3) In-front of One Fullerton (Merlion Park)/opposite Marina Bay Sands – Map Location – – This spot good to capture the all laser lights well along with MBS reflection in the water (if you able to get the reflection) as it will give you direct view of laser light. Don’t worry about the laser lights as they are not harmful and it wouldn’t spoil your censor. Also they throw the laser into the water but the river cruise boats can create unnecessary light trail in your picture :-).

By inspire one of my friend’s photo I decided to capture the laser show from the spot 1 I have mentioned above. I captured as many as laser lights possible in 15 mins show. before the laser show I taken some different exposure (under) shot to recover the blown area. After coming home I selected the best 52 different laser light pictures and 2 underexposure picture. Then I blended these 54 pictures manually and enhanced in Photoshop by applying different technique and using different Photoshop plugins of Nik Softwares (Viveza 2, Color Efex Pro) and Topaz (Adjust, DeNoise).

Date Taken: 04-May-2012


For Laser Show


ISO – 100

Aperture – f/11

Shutter Speed –  15 secs

Focal Length: 10mm

 Gear Used


Camera : Canon 7D

Lens: Samyang 8mm f3.5 fisheye

Tripod: Manfrotto 055XPROB

 NOTE: Some of my friends use the lower (max) aperture and higher shutter speed (close to 1 sec) and get nice result as well. So use your own preference to shoot the laser show.

 Info about me:


 By profession I am an I.T engineer and working as a Software Analyst in a Bank. I have a passion towards photography from my childhood and I like to capture each and every moment of life and beauty of nature by the help of a small hole. The passion and the hobby towards photography gradually makes me a photographer and I always like to spend my free time with my camera and photography. My wife knows that photography is my second wife in my life. But in spite of that she always support and appreciate my work with a big smile on her face which inspires me and gives lot of motivation. I believe each life and every element and object has its own capability to create a magical moment. The moments that you want to keep forever and you want to treasure in your heart and mind. You should prepare and keep your eyes open to capture those moments. Basically I’m a picture-taker, fun-lover and fun-maker photographer who like to capture and freeze the moment of each and every aspect of life to make it unforgettable with help of my black box.

 Thanks & Regards,

Partha Roy