Seattle in HDR

Title – Seattle

Photographer name –  James Whelan


Description of place

 When people think of Seattle they usually think of the Space Needle. I decided to try and take a picture from the opposite side of Seattle to change it up. So I headed up to the Beacon Hill area and came across this great view at sunset.

 Technical information

 Camera – Nikon D700

 Lens – Sigma 15-30mm

 HDR Software – Photomatix Pro

 ISO -100

 Aperture – f/22

 Number of exposures – 7

 Tripod/handheld – Tripod

 Extra processing information:

 I only increased the smoothing of the photo in Photomatix then exported it into Lightroom and increased the contrast, fill light and then decreased the brightness.

 Photographers bio

I’m a young photography from Seattle, Wa that is just starting to experiment with HDR. Here is my flickr page if you would like to follow my pictures.

  • James Whelan

    Whoops I forgot one of the t’s in Seattle in the title..

    • Jimmy McIntyre

      Fixed!!! :)