Title – Scooby

Photographer name-  Stephen Elliott

 Description of place:

Limestone quarry in Derbyshire

Technical information

Camera – Olympus E5

Lens – Zuiko 7-14mm f4 @ 7mm

HDR Software – Photomatix

ISO – 200

Aperture – f7.1

Number of exposures – 5 frames at 1EV steps to cover -2 +2 stops

Tripod/handheld –Tripod – Slik 500dx pro

 Extra processing information:

5 RAW files tonemapped in Photomatix and saved as 16 bit tiff
opened in Photoshop CS5 and copied as a new layer
this layer then converted to a high contrast b&w using Silver efex pro
reduce opacity on black and white layer to bring colour back through
further local contrast tweaks using curves
apply slight vignette to darken frame edges

  Photographers bio