Road trip with a vengeance: Dan & Dan do America

When the two Dan’s combine forces to Urbex America, you had better watch out -there’s a storm coming.

Dan Marbaix and I are heading out to New York City, from there we aim to visit 10 states and 60 locations in 20 days. We will meeting up with the crème of the crop of our American Urbex cousins. Of course with a little bit of luck, we’ll bring the action right back to your computer screen. There’ll be a range of asylums, prisons, blast furnaces, hotels, steel mills, hospitals, power plants, churches and so much more. So stay tuned to our journal entries for a slice of this all American pie.

Danny Barter’s shot at the IM power plant

Dan Marbaix’s shot of an abandoned chamber of commerce


  • Tony Medwayboy

    Shouldn’t be allowed with out me… :-)

    Enjoy chaps

  • Andrew Steel

    Looking forward to this one!

  • Mark Miller

    Where is the IM power plant image from? Fantastic POV.